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. >> the economy has suffered, and so have local businesses. in that sense, i do not support further protests, but if the prime minister had expressed himself better, if he had been more accommodating, things would never have got so bad. he likes to project power. this is how he travels to his political rally. to his critics, the heavy- handed police response to the protest symbolizes the heavy- handed attitude of his government. for some, enough is enough. >> they do not want to be told how to lead their lives, how many children they should have, what kind of bread they should eat, what they should drink or not. they are just fed up. it is also partly a reflection of the fact that people decided that they needed to speak up, to sort of remind the government that there are these other people out there who have a different view of how the country should be run and that their views should be respected and taken into account. >> so at 9:00 every night, they bang their pots and pans in noisy protests against the government that has won three elections and looks set to win another. they are callin
wall street journal," -- -- he went on to say, "the economy is recovering too slowly and should not be regarded as the new normal." >> we need a new approach. an approach that removes obstacles of growth, prosperity -- of growth and prosperity. unleash the nation of builders. to become a nation of builders and i think we have to stop picking winners and losers and start focusing on expanding opportunity for everyone. we started out by giving our kids a good chance at an education. to hirend opportunity axa's education so students are ready for tomorrow's job market. to become a nation of builders again, we need to fix our tax code. if we clear out all of these loopholes and make the tax code fair it is going to make it easier to understand, we will be creating more incentives to bring jobs home, and keep our resources here in america. a host: john boehner before the national association of manufacturers. this headline from "the -- this editorial from "the wall street journal" -- joseph on our twitter page has this comment -- logan is on the phone from las vegas on our independen
into the american economy to help the global recovery. but christine lagarde is urging the bank to roll back its monetary easing in the future. the imf managing director spoke after releasing an annual report on the health of the u.s. economy. she said the feds quantitative easing helps the recover ne the u.s. and supports the global economy. >> there is no need to rush to exit from monetary accommodations given the still large output gap, gishton subdued growth that we have, and given the well-anchored inflation expectations. >> lagarde says the monetary easing should continue at least through the end of the year. the fed is buying $85 billion in bonds and other assets each month to lower borrowing costs and stimulate employment, but investors speculate it may start tapering off these stimulus measures. the imf report notes markets could overreact leading to a sharp increase in long-term interest rates and volatility of international markets. >>> united nations officials say they expect average life spe expectancy around the world to rise to almost 82 at the start of the next century and they e
the financial system and the economy did it exist to support. this is at the center of "masters of nothing," the book we're launching this week. because throughout her life, lady bacher passionately believe capitalism was not only the effect this form of economic organization ever invented, but also the most moral. today, the first of those points is almost undisputed and we should all be grateful to the market liberals of west and east, who in free the peoples of the former communist bloc restocked in turkey so liberated billions in china and india and indonesia in beyond, from grinding poverty and prove once and for all that free markets are the greatest source of prosperity ever known to man. but the free market is a world force of good is less well understood and its moral authority hinges on two crucial factors. first, free-market airfare because we were disproportionate to effort. when markets work, those who prosper and work hard and risk their capital to succeed in making other people's lives, their customers lives better. for most people, fairness is a form of reciprocity that she
morning to you. leaders of the world's most powerful economies are gathering in northern ireland for a two-day summit. british prime minister david cameron is the host, and he's pushing for countries to share more financial information. leaders there also expected to discuss differences on some of the big issues. syria's civil war, free trade between europe and north america and of course global tax evasion. we'll have a live report from steve sedgwick on the ground in the next hour. >>> unions in turkey, they're on a owuone-day strike over the eviction of protesters from a park in istanbul. police and protesters clashed from sporadically overnight following a weekend of scuffles in the city. nbc's richard engel will join us with the latest in the next hour. >>> also in corporate news this morning, a large activist investor in smithfield foods is pressuring the company to explore a break-up rather than go ahead with that planned $4.7 billion takeover by a chinese meat producer. i don't know if this is going to make joe happy or not, but "the wall street journal" reporting that starboard va
economies in terms of -- because they need europe to be able to take their stuff. watch for china -- i don't know who's really running that country, but i can tell you this, their deceleration in economics is just incredible. it's not bringing us down. >> china may go down below 7%, 6% growth this err year. we are right now the tallest building in elmira, new york. >> it's the shung kamao bank. >> how do you know about elmira, new york? >> i come to play. >> you do come to play. we may be the tallest building in elmira, new york, but people keep buying the dollar. what are you going to do? go to europe? go to china? they're all train wrecks wait to go happen. >> you can't feed china. that's a big issue. 700,000 recespiratory deaths la year. let's go to john meacham. speaking of smoking, he smokes way too much. john, you look at europe, the g-8, they were all lecturing president obama three years ago. sarkozy, where is he now? who knows? he's probably staying at your place in the south of france. >> oh, no, unh-unh. >> but united states is in this strange position of just sort of crawling a
northern ireland for the g8 summit today. the two day meeting is supposed to focus on the global economy but the civil war in syria will be a major topic. >> reporter: president obama and british prime minister david cameron visited in northern ireland at a school where students are learning about the g8 summit. but soon the president and his counterparts will turn their attention to the global economy. >> i'm pleased to announce the launch of negotiations on a new trade agreement. >> reporter: the economy is not the only topic at the g8. the civil war in syria is expected to dominate talks. russia supports dictator al assad and sells him weapons. putin opposes president obama's plan to give military assistance to rebel forces trying to overthrow assad, calling the fighters barbarian. >> and if a meeting wasn't icy enough, the white house is facing questions about allegations the u.s. spied on russian leaders at a previous global summit. >> reporter: britain's guardian newspaper says the intelligence was found in classified documents, former national security agency contractor edward sno
was energy secretary, the economy got smaller. it shrank month after month after month. under this government, we have 1.251.20 5 million -- jobs.n private sector of course, living standards are under pressure. the is why we are freezing count. >> excessive noise in the chamber. members should not shout at the prime minister any more than they should shout at the members of the opposition. let the answers be heard. million more1.25 private sector jobs and that is a good record. >> no answer on the living standards crisis that is facing families up and down the country. it is no wonder what his side are saying about him. this is what the honorable member wrote about him, "it is like being in an airplane. the pilot does not know how to land it. we can either do something about it or sit back, watch the in- flight movies, and wait for the inevitable." i could not put it better myself about this prime minister. the reality is this. day in and day out, what people down, day in,m back, dayn tide is in and day out, what people see is prices rising and wages falling while the prime minister tell them
on the economy but signaled this in no way means rates will go up. that led to a bit of a swoon in stocks during the session yesterday. the dow gave up more than 100 points. robin harding, who wrote the article, then took to twitter to tell everyone to chill out. he later defended his piece on cnbc's "fast money." >> the fed has a one-week blackout during which it doesn't say anything to anybody. so, people need to react to the content of the story rather than the existence of the story. and what i've seen happening today, and i think we saw it happening last week, too, is the market was reacting as if there's some secret bat signal coded here. >> asked if the article was timed for the greatest market impact, harding says he has nothing to do with that, that "the ft" sends out pieces when they write them. i mentioned mr. draghi as well. he says the ecb is looking at negative to positive rates with an open mind and with all intended consequences, rates becoming more effective. again, another measure we looked at on the considered possibility of having a break on deposit facilities, speaking in je
in years? plus, how the dow's plunge could be a good sign for the economy. >>> new overnight. word of a near miss in the skies above new york city. how two jets almost collided in midair. >> the incredible story of a deaf boy hearing for the first time. inside a medical breakthrough. >>> and the miami heat go back to back, repeating as nba champs. >>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> people in hedging their bets. >> wall street tries to rebound after a massive sell-off and stocks tumbling. >> yesterday, the dow plunged, its biggest point drop since 2011. >> anxiety mounted over potential of the stimulus reserve to end. >> snowden under investigation. the inspector general race been looking into the company. >> we do believe there may be some problems. >> senate leaders appear to have reached a compromise on immigration reform but the deal is likely to face stiff opposition in the house. >> for peepople concerned about border security, once they see this bill it's almost overkill. >> it's back-to-back
to be there on this path. >> issues at the forefront of people's minds are economy and unemployment. iran has a young population that is highly educated, but many are struggling to find jobs. >> hassan rouhani is not new to politics and is an outspoken critic of ahmadinejad. his election in 2005 he resigned from his post. >> i expect him to at least record -- restore the economic situation to what it was eight years ago. i live in my country and i expect to live in my country comfortably. >> i wanted economy to be fixed. that is one of the most important problems. i used to be a shopkeeper, but i quit. is note hassan rouhani the -- >> if we want to choose a way to develop a country and ensure the welfare of the people and establish peace and stability, there is no better way than enforcing the law and remaining committed to the law. >> hassan rouhani is a longtime friend of the man who holds the real power in iran, the supreme leader. while he says he wants to reach out by getting away from extremism in foreign-policy, he has almost -- also promised there will be no surrender to western demands. a ra
are crippling iran's economy and creating unemployment. rouhani says they are backwards and regressive and now is a time of opportunity for improves international relations. he expressed his hope for better relations with arab countries and an end to the syrian conflict. >> the problems facing syria today can only be resolved by the people of syria. the destiny of syria can only be decided by the syrian people. >> rouhani is expected to take office in a month and a half. until then, mahmoud ahmadinejad is still the president and now has been summoned to court in november after parliamentary speaker larijani filed an official complaint. the contents are unknown. it appears mahmoud ahmadinejad will still be in the spotlight even after he leaves office. al jazeera, tehran. >> you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories. the war in syria is dominating most of the talks in the g-8 summit in northern ireland. vladimir putin and barack obama have met but are struggling to agree on a way to end the violence. the british government meanwhile has been accused of spying on foreign leaders i
, they usually focus on the global economy. but this year's meeting comes at a precarious time in the syrian civil war. seven g-8 countries are on one side. country number 8, russia on the other. >> arriving on a golf retreat to northern ireland, president obama had to leave his clubs stateside and immediately get down to business. tops on his agenda, finding common ground with russia on the issue of syria. but while today was no cold war confrontation, both leaders admitted they disagreed on how to deal with syria. but putin went out of his way to endorse the idea of a negotiated settlement. >> we do have differing perspectives on the problem, but we share an interest in reducing the violence, securing chemical weapons. >> all of us have the intention to stop the violence in syria, to stop the growth of victims, and to solve the situation peacefully, including by bringing the parties to the negotiations table in geneva. >> reporter: putin's words today were decidedly more measured than yesterday when he met with british prime minister david cameron, referring to a graphic video of one syria
the economy. today rouhani signaled a new more open approach. "we are ready to show more transparency to the world" he said. rouhani is 64 years old, a cleric with a law degree from scotland. he's also known as a bridge builder who was once iran's chief nuclear negotiator. in 2003, he put that program on pause to pave the way for talks with the west. sir richard dalton, back then britain's ambassador to iran, said rouhani could steer the way to talks again. >> provided by the united states and its negotiating partners come forward a little way to meet iran it should be possible to get a first stage confidence building agreement on the nuclear question. >> reporter: asked specifically today about iran's relations with the united states, rouhani said "there's an old wound between the two countries that needs to be healed." jubilant iranians spilled into the streets to celebrate rouhani's win. although they won't know for some time just how much of a reformer he turns out to be. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer is joining us from our london bureau. elizabeth, if this is reform, why is it happ
: both sides are addressing the economy, to bring growth back. it is not easy. we are facing enormous challenges on both sides. we have different kinds of responses, different kinds of contacts in america. i think the common concern is to make sure the recovery is a sustainable one that we don't go in an up and down in terms of economic performance. i think we have established a few lines that are common. we need financial stability and we need to increase our competitiveness. we are facing enormous challenges in emerging economies. we need to adjust our economy for training and education and we need the skills in the job market. for the moment i think the g-8 has clearly identified that. we need to join efforts at the international level to create a right position. host: what needs to happen? guest: i think we need to consolidate our accounts and put our house in order in terms of the debt and deficit. that is crucial for our credibility of our efforts. at the same time, we need to invest in a new way, we need to create the sources of competitiveness for the future. so our economies
at this lakeside resort in ireland was supposed to be the economy, trade. the meetings will be dominated by an issue that was not on the agenda. syria, as the u.s. and most of its western allies troo toy figure out a way to prop up that opposition in the country's two-year-old civil war. the old g-7 basically came together as a way to -- a bit of a counterforce to the soviet union. and now of course this country, number eight, russia. vladimir putin has stuck by syria's leader bashar al assad. in fact, before arriving in northern ireland, putin met with british prime minister david cameron. his comments after that meeting seemed to foreshadow a cold war-like exchange over syria with president obama when the the two meet later today. >> in regards to the supplies of weapons to the assad government and as regards to who has the blood of the children and peaceful citizens of syria, i believe you will not deny that the blood is on the hands of both parties. >> of course, president obama has been a very reluckant supporter of arming the syrian opposition. and it's meant he's gotten a lot of b
to continue the discussion on the economy but the conversation was disrupted by a dramatic turn of events in syria. the obama administration announced on thursday that they'll begin to arm the syrian rebelsful the about face came after confirmation that the embattled president bashar al assad has used chemical weapons against his own people. we learned more about the carnage as the u.n. announced more than 90,000 men, women and children have died in the 2-year-old conflict. a staggering loss of life but one that so far has not swayed the american people that this is a war worth fighting. a recent nbc "wall street journal" poll showed the american public is still extremely hesitant to intervene in the conflict. with nearly one in four americans saying, we should satisfy no action at all. asked to pick a response to stop the killing of civilians in syria, just 15% say they favor u.s. military action and only 11% want to provide arms to the opposition. by comparison, the pluralality of responses preferred to provide only humanitarian assistance and 24% believe the u.s. shouldn't take any act
and in the 18 eighties the economic growth rate was constantly 8% per year and already the largest economy in the world. it was not like china in our time had gross from a very low base it was the world's greatest economy when that decade began and it still grew. at an astounding rate with huge increases in productivity accompanied by pioneering events in almost every industry steel, so in those periods at times setting up the country to get through to the point* where the states could abolish slavery to ensure the integrity of the country to deal with the economic pressure to focus the pressure not on the are rich or mythical categories roosevelt conjured for his own purposes of malefactors of great wealth anwr profiteers. there were none. that is nonsense and 1933 but of the rockefellers have the boards would pay for this they would burn their houses down but their real enemies name was a japanese imperialists and then the containment strategy was devised very imaginatively and it worked there were some mistakes but it worked and it worked completely and not to make light of those who di
is entrenched hezbollah, iran and russia. >> the economy is taking a rare backseat at the summit. partly a reflection of the slow and steady recovery but how they pay taxes to the big 8 countries is likely to be a big issue. matt. >>> thank you. something else expected to get attention the results of iran's election. a moderate cleric is replacing mahmoud ahmadinejad. he won overwhelmingly, what do we know about him? >> he's been backed heavily by the reformist but he's not a reformist. on the inner circle of the conservative rulers of iran. he has a good relationship with the supreme leader and the reformists that came out heavily backing him. if it wasn't for the country's leading reformist he wouldn't have become president. >> when you think of the list of things the united states and iran disagree on. the nuclear program is one of the things that jumps out. how might this new president impact the direction of that program, if at all. >> well, he was chief nuclear negotiator during the late 90s, early 2000 and that's when they saw a suspension of uranium enrichment. he came under heav
the economy offset these gains in some of the financial sectors. shrugging off weakness in the mainland, property place outperformed hong kong helping the hang seng gain 1.2% today. the sector rebounded for the second session after very sharp selloffs recently. so we may be seeing some bargain hunting here. and elsewhere in australia, banking shares helped at the sx 200 reversed earlier losses ending higher by 0.7%. but under pressure, down 0.3%. and some of the southeast asian markets also trading in the green at the moment. back to you, ross. >> all right, catch you later. joining me in the studio, co-ceo of wells fargo financial services. american stocks down three out of the last four, this after good gains this year. is sentiment going to be shifting around now over the next few months as we question the fed and japan? >> undoubtedly we'll continue to see a lot of volatility. just look at this morning. we have the nikkei up 2.75%. today we have the futures up in the u.s. about 1% and within europe, about 0.75%. and i think we'll continue to see that. the question about japan is, do
trade and economy. but because some of these countries disagree how to handle the blood shed in syria, that situation is expected to be a top priority. sadly puten is very outspoken -- vladimir puten is very outspoken about president obama's plan. the two are expected to talk privately. a new cnn poll shows that president obama's approval rating has taken a dive. last month, 58% supported president obama. now just 45% of the job he's doing. that's an 18-month low. we'll take a closer look at president obama's schedule for the remainder of the g8 summit when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> david cameron is among those attending the summit. this morning he refused to comment hon a hacking scandal -- on a hackle scandal involving the government. the newspaper there reported that britain's spy agency hacked into e-mails. >>> this morning, the white house is also defending the nsa's secret surveillance program of phone and internet records. white house chief of staff denis mcdonough says the program is constitutional and carefully monitored. he also says the u.s. go
, are very focused on trying to restore the faith in government, as well as their faith in the economy. >> canter said he believes the recent hearings on capitol hill, many launched by his fellow republicans, will not only help gain clarity on controversies but prevent similar controversies in the future. >>> big dad of big business and big government. according to apple, federal, state and local authorities made between 4,000 and 5,000 data requests about apple users in the last seven months alone. anchor of "your money."is the so, do we know how many of these were related to national security? >> no, we don't know exactly how many were related to national security. what companies say is they can only tell us all federal, state and local law enforcement is 4,000 to 5,000 requests covering accounts or devices. but what we do know, apple says most of these are related to typical police work. what do we mean by that? missing persons and looking for someone with alzheimer's and trying to prevent a suicide and mreesz crime investigations like cyberstalking and the like. that i what most o
] with an estimated 10 billion pounds boost to our economy, does my right honorable friend agreed that a free trade agreement with the united states represents -- [inaudible]? >> my friend is right but i think it's very good news that this free trade agreement has been launched in northern ireland it when i take many months of very difficult and patient negotiation. it issued to the topic at a problem because we wanted to cover all sorts of areas like public procurement and services, and not just manufactured goods. it's good it is getting going because this could mean millions of jobs right across europe and great benefits for us here in the uk. [shouting] >> on the subject of giving money back, which is just referred to in respect of the labour party, will he now explain to the house why, when he had a windfall, he decided to write down his mortgage instead of writing down the more of the one he was claiming for the expenses allowance in the house of commons? >> i think what the honorable gentleman needs to do is concentrate on the massive problem on his front bench. because i have to say, mr. sp
the bond-buying program. that has pushed the stock market to an all-time high. he predicts the economy is looking up and unemployment will drop to 7%. so he says it may no longer be needed. >>> the federal reserve announcement sent stocks tumbling. the dow dropped 206 points. >>> a free concert featuring michelle shock is a no-go. today the publisher of the san francisco examiner confirmed the june 30th show, which is the day of the city's lgbt pride parade has been canceled. many people were furious about the plan to let her play after she went on an antigay rant at a concert in march. >>> and the announcement today that actor james gandolfini died stunned many of his fans and the entertainment industry. >> yeah, i know. but i'm talking to you here on a human level. >> reporter: actor best known for playing tony soprano died while on vacation in rome. according to the network, the possible cause was a heart attack. fans were shocked to hear about his death. >> he was incredibly gifted, and he was very, very sharing of his art. and he is going to be missed. >> reporter: the actor rose
said was that if the economy continues to grow at the pace that it is he may start trimming that bond-buying program by the end of the year. not that he's going to stop it all together. not that they're going to sell their enormous balance sheet. nothing like that. they just may start trimming it. that sent the market absolutely reeling. and it shows you that this unprecedented program that has been started by ben bernanke, the dismount from this, isn't going to be pretty. >> let's look at this a different way. if bernanke is talking about easing off the stimulus even a little bit, d ton that mean the economy is improving? isn't there some good news here? >> it's true. it does mean that. but if you look around the funds are better but they're not that strong. we got some jobs numbers today that were pretty good, some housing numbers, existing home sales that were good. but the problem is that as he gets out, people sell bonds, interest rates go up, that will hurt the housing market because that's been one of the main things that has helped housing rebound is this this idea you could b
, foreign policy as well as the economy. we'll be listening in and give you an update on what he says, shortly. >>> we are following a developing story in syria right now. activists say a car bomb targeting a checkpoint wounded more than 20 soldiers. that attack happened in the same neighborhood that houses several embassies in a damascus. want to show you video posted online. this appears to show rebels attacking troop there's. nbc news cannot verify the authenticity of this video. >>> you can expect more fallout from the nsa secret surveillance programs. colorado senator mark udall says he will introduce a bill to limit what phone records the nsa can access. he thinks the nsa can only collect information from people with ties to terrorism. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls -- this is the meta data. this is time, place, to whom you direct the calls, is making this any safer. and i think it's a violation of the fourth amendment. >> you'll remember the federal agents arrested this man for planning to blow up new york city subways. the governmen
and their economies in the two-day meeting. they will discuss the crisis in syria. that will be one of the topics the president talks about when he meets with vladimir putin. russia has been one of the syrian government's key allies. >>> new this morning, we're receiving word that britain may have its own government surveillance scandal on its hands. "the guardian" is reporting that the british spy agency, gchq hacked into e-mails and phones during international conferences. according to the report, they stole passwords in 2009. "the guardian" got the information from former nsa contractor edward snowden. >>> back in the u.s., you can expect fallout from the secret surveillance programs. colorado senator mark udall will introduce a bill to limit what phone records the government can access. he thinks the nsa should be allowed to collect information from people with ties to terrorism. >> i don't think collecting millions and millions of americans' phone calls -- this is the meta data. this is time, place, to whom you direct the calls, is making us safer. and i think it's a violation of the fourth
of the volatility is the result of good news. the 350-point plunge comes just as the government says the economy is getting better. everything from housing to jobs, to consumer spending, all showing improvement. so, why would wall street run scared from such good news? experts say, it's all because fed chair ben bernanke, basically our country's banker in chief, now wants to take the training wheels off our economy. saying because things are looking up, it's time to dial back on trillions of dollars the fed's been pouring into the markets. >> we've had training wheels on for quite some time now. and now, we're getting word that they're going to have to come off slowly. and we have to see if we can ride this bike on our own. >> reporter: but riding without that help means the cost of borrowing money to do everything from buying a house to starting a business is going up. and that spooks the stock market. and staying on that training wheels theme, traders here on wall street aren't afraid we're going to crash into a wall when the wheels come off. what they're concerned about is things could get wo
economy. it is about progress. it is about economy. that's the political argument he was making. when you put it in context, you see that that's what it's all about. he is framing the immigration debate in an economic perspective. >> i'll tell you how it is going to change things, don. i'm from texas which we all know has gone republican for i think since lbj. jeb bush is actually the won who said that the changing make-up of this country, that we are becoming a browner country, texas has actually become a blue state he said if republicans didn't get their immigration reform act together. that's how it is changing this country. we are seeing swing states in play that used to not be in play because of the number of immigrants coming to this country. so it is changing our country. the fastest growing group is multi-racial americans. i am hoping one day we'll all be so mixed up a lot of this nonsense we are always arguing about in terms of race is kind of a moot point. >> anna -- >> don, just one last point. for all the people watching the three of us on tv right now, we just got one message
is supposed to center around the world's ailing economy. but another topic is expected to draw the most attention. cbs reporter susan mcginnis reports. >> reporter: president obama left air force one holding daughter sasha's hand. for the next two days, he will meet with world leaders here in northern ireland, which he sees as an appropriate place to talk peace. >> beyond these shores right now in scattered corners of the world, there are people living in the grip of conflict. you're their blueprint to follow. we're the proof of what's possible. >> reporter: the syrian civil war is expected to dominate the talks. russian president vladimir putin says president obama's plan to arm rebel fighters who he calls barbarians will hurt the chance of peace. >> are they the ones you want to support and supply with weapons? >> reporter: president obama and president putin are scheduled to hold private talks this afternoon. the conversation comes after a new report reveals the u.s. and the uk spied on russian and others at another summit. the british newspaper the guardian says former nsa contracto
's supposedly about the global economy but of course, the war, the political conflict, top of mind is syria. >> that's right. this was all supposed to be about figuring out how to help europe's economy get out of its recession as fast as the u.s. has done. talk of a big trade pact. granted, that's still happening. but syria is the dominant topic. the president meets with vladimir putin on the schedule it is supposed to be in about 15 minutes. we expect it to be a 60 to 90-minute bilat cal session. then the two leaders will speak afterwards. now judging by the tone of the bilateral meeting -- at least the read-out of the meeting that putin had with david cameron in london yesterday, whether it came to the issue of syria, it would be surprising if somehow they came out with some break-through about what to do next. as you know, the united states position is try to convince putin that it is in his best interests to essentially push assad out and help keep assad's regime at the negotiating table. it is a tricky deal for the u.s. to sell. we'll see if putin is listening. >> who else might be lis
. >>> 6:26. coming up not just the economy. the top issue facing world leaders at the g8 summit. >> plus, hundreds evacuated into the streets of san francisco. the cause and will it impact business this morning? >> reporter: i'm linda yee in pacifica. she's only 10 years old, but she was able to punch her way out of an attempted kidnapping. i'll have her story. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> in this case it seems like we had a tough little girl who hand herself very well. >> a man 6 feet tall approached the 10-year-old and said come with me. >> crews are going from address to address restoring service following a gas main break. >> we saw the bomb squad. we didn't know what's going on. >> president obama is in northern ireland to meet with world leaders at the g8 summit. syria is not formally on the docket but is expected to dominate the talks. >> there are very big differences between the analysis we have of what happened in syria and who is to alabama. >> we have a long road here. i don't want to create a long belief that tomorrow everybody's going home because that's not going to happen. >
is about to meet with fellow g-8 leaders and talk about trade and economy in syria comes the new revelation from edward snowden. it could make things awkward. >> let's get to andrea mitchell who is covering this for us. good morning to you. >>> good morning. edward snowden has struck even. he is released documents on high level spying on foreign leaders including the then president of russia. >> reporter: yet another disclosure that great britain spied on world leaders at two london summit in 2009. one of them targeted the then russian president. protestors outside the u.s. kons lit in hong kong were demonstrating in support of snowden, the acknowledged nsa leaker. >> i think a great person is willing to expose this. >> reporter: china is encouraging support for snowden ever since he told a chinese newspaper last week that the u.s. hacked into computers there for years. on fox, dick chaney who helped institute it and congress rejected the surveillance program. >> i think he's a traitor and committed crimes by violating agreements begin the position he had. >> reporter: snowden is still beli
our economy by being more flexible to many of the over 80% of the work force that are parents or caregivers. so, i feel like this is an important policy and i'm hoping that the voters of san francisco will support this. i also think that it's a policy that will help us reduce the car trips and advance our city's aggressive clean air policies as well as more people telecommute or try other alternatives and workplaces allow more flexibility in work hours as well. and i just will say that my hope is that this right to request modest and common sense measure is something that starts a trend among many other cities throughout the country and throughout the world as well. so, i thank supervisor chiu and the coalition for bringing this forward. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor breed, you asked to be re-referred. >> yes. today i'm introducing a resolution to create -- help create 98 new units of affordable senior housing in the western addition. the project is rosa parks 2. it will be constructed in the parking lot next to the rosa park senior home located on turk and webster
. >> and, by the way, economy, an economy that's -- >> and the economy. >> all right, we'll wait and see on that one. it's not quite back yet. >> just ahead, was celebrity tv chef nigella lawson publicly choked by her husband? and why some families worry about the bread their eating and why wheat farmers are worried about losing money. it's monday, a brand new start. with centurylink visionary cloud infrastructure, and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable, secure, and agile. we know it's your videoconference of the day. hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. book a great getaway now and feel the hamptonality >>> questions are swirling about the marriage of celebrity chef nigella lawson after pictures surfaced of her husband with his hand around her neck at a restaurant. her husband is denying any claims he attacked her. cnn's international correspondent matthew chance is in london with the latest. matthew, these pictures just look awful. >> they do. they really illustrate as well, jim, the idea that if you're a c
for customers in economy class. that fee starts july 1st. over at united airlines a new offer for unlimited checked bags for one year at a cost of $349. >> you get a year's worth of free checked bags. if you are flying a lot it might be able to help you out. >> southwest and jet blue remain the only airlines offering a free checked bag. southwest allows passengers to check in two pounds bags in for free. again as long as it weighs under 50 pounds. >> shannon: that is why where i get in trouble. you are out there, what can i take out of that bag and put in that bag. it's going to cost me. [ laughter ] >>> thank you. >> shannon: already contentious debate is getting hotter. this time about healthcare and whether illegal immigrants should have access to free services paid for by your tax dollars. a free fair and balanced debate on that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ stewart ] this is the kind of food i love to cook. i'm very excited about making the shrimp and lobster pot pie. we've never cooked anything like this before. [ male announcer ] introducing red lobster's seaside mimatch. combin
to basically trying to fix the problems that had been created by international sanctions against iran's economy which has clearly affected the people so much there. and also the iranian people want to break out of the isolation that they are in. this probably puts more pressure to figure out if he can reach an accommodation with the united states. as you know all of these negotiations have led nowhere. we will see whether or not there is any chance. >> always great to have you on. thank you. >> good to be with you. >>> if we don't pass immigration reform and get it off the table in a reasonable practical way it doesn't matter who you run in 2016 we are in a demographic death spiral as a party. >> demographic death spiral. one of the gang of eight with a dire warning for his own party. will they listen? our panel will weigh in. >>> and a vote expected in the house this week on a controversial bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks. this week's bill looks different than the original version. congress woman here to talk about that next. >>> right after our show today remember to join me for a google
before the economies collapse had a larger intelligence system but then they fell on hard times after the collapse of communism. they are on their way back but they are still a shadow of their former self. does that answer the question? >> i don't mean to be disrespectful by asking this but nevertheless what does your book do different from the multivolume of dr. johnson in his years in executive summary of his? i don't mean to sound disrespectful. it's been a common note disrespect taken. actually, i am almost tempted to drag, pierre and let him give his side of the story but what i tried to do -- tom's multivolume history is wonderful except that there is still huge chunks of it they remain classified. a i tried to fill in some of the blanks and in some cases with some success, and others not. i tried to add material that was not contained in tom's multivolume history because with all due respect to my friend back there, there were many other things written on specific operations and specific aspects of the agency and i tried to bring them all together plus bring in -- there was als
. world. the global economy and the crisis in syria are going to be discussed. >>> the president continues to praise the people of ireland. >> our histories are bound by blood, and belief, by cultureure and by commerce. comm our futures are equally linked, that is why i have come to the belfast. >> president obama is said toid meet with the presiden ireland e minister. >>> the guardian newspaper is reportinreporting that britain's eavesdropping agency hacked intd the phone calls and e-mails of >>> later today we should get more details about the terror tr plots that the program has stopped. die ondiane feinstein is promiso release a number of terror plans thwarted about the nsa. nsa. >>> it includes salary increasessed based os based on previous experience. er the increase will kick in early next year. >>> thene fairfax public schooll system is teaming up with sleep specialist to develop a la plano develop the start for high possibly move the start to to 8:00 a.m. or later. right now nearly all county couy public schools start at 7:20 a.m. and he they will look a
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